Four Tenets

Regardless of scope, most of Accent's four tenets were clearly addressed by their work: They committed to a "more humane world for all [...] people" by sharing a true two-way dialogue with their peers from other cultures, cultivating understanding and empathy between host and visitor, without alienation. As mentioned before, they certainly had a focus on students as the future of the world, and as world citizens -- this is perhaps their biggest and most forward-looking contribution. They made individuals more aware of their place in the world, both when they trained hosts and when they sent teachers and students to share stories -- part of the attraction of doing these potentially risky tasks was the "mystique" of getting an outside perspective of self. Finally, Accent worked toward achieving their goal of "Peace and Understanding" between nations through the aforementioned sharing of culture, stories, and shared experiences, but their stance on national "Peace" may have been more forward-looking and much harder to measure.