Amerika: An Overview


Promotional poster for Amerika, 1987.

Beginning in the first episode, Devin Milford, one of the main characters, is seen in a jail cell professing that freedom of any sort is dead with the execution of communistic ideology. The series spreads similar messages of extremism throughout the following episodes. For example, the Soviet hospitals in the new America will not provide proper medical care to those who participate in illicit activity (drinking, etc.), accuse the Soviet powers of randomly attacking residential areas without any real reasoning, and claim that the Soviets are restricting the American diet of pancakes.

The dangers of these accusations lie in that they paint an extreme view of what life in the Soviet Union would be like. When watching each episode, an American person was at risk of believing that Soviet life must be how its depicted in the show. The inclusion of these narratives in the show paints the Soviet Union in a way that’s, “obscene, slanderous, or patently inaccurate”.