Critical Response: United Nations

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United Nations Logo

The United Nations expressed feelings of being attacked by the miniseries Amerika. As expressed in their response to the series, the UN felt that it was especially damaging to the organization given that the flag depicting the new United States in the series looked similar to the UN flag.

Further, the series uses the term "Peacekeepers" to describe the army that keeps the new America safe. The series states that the Peacekeepers are made up by United Nations members. This was damaging to the United Nations because it associated a peacekeeping organization with war. 

UN Letter 1.pdf

First page of United Nations letter.

UN Letter 2.pdf

Second Page of United Nations letter.

In this letter written by the United Nations, they address the fact that not only are they slandered by implying that they would suppress a people's freedoms, but also they express their concern of the representation of the peacekeepers. According the United Nations, the Peacekeepers are not allowed to use weapons unless its in self-defense. The Peacekeepers were using weapons in all depictions in the series, creating a false image of the United Nations.