Conclusion: Why do these responses matter?

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Promotional photo for Amerika

As shown, the responses by different sectors of society varied.

Television critics may not have seen the ideological damage of the series, but they definitely were wary of the length of the miniseries, as well as the slow moving plot. 

The United Nations response to the miniseries is one that should not be ignored when reviewing history. The inaccurate representation of the United Nations was not responsible, especially since the United Nations is an organization that interacts with every country around the world.

The responses by local activists such as David Fenner and Al Burke highlight the importance of the series being a symbol of inaccurate storytelling of the Soviet lifestyle. More importantly, their responses are even more proof that Seattle was a hotspot for citizen diplomacy. 

Understanding the responses to Amerika is important because it can provide insight on what impact the series has on the history of that time period. Through the analyzing of these various responses, it seems that the series had a relatively small impact on society. However, for groups such as citizen diplomats and the United Nations, the impact was felt as it was a misrepresentation of what they stood for. 

Conclusion: Why do these responses matter?