Obstacles this Group Encountered in Seattle

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Many groups and individuals in Seattle had concerns for their journey to Tashkent

Many Seattlites did not want to amend the relationship between America and the USSR and groups were vocal about their opinions. 

For instance, groups retaliated when Tashkent Mayor Mirsayadov led a Tashkent delegation to Seattle in 1985. During this visit, some Seattleites questioned why Seattle was wasting its energy on a friendship that did not hold a lot of power in the Soviet Union.These protestors were upset about the Soviet Union’s action in their invasion in Afghanistan in 1979.

Other groups such as the Jewish human rights groups also felt discomfort of hosting this group in Seattle, and they insisted they be able to share their opinions not only from themselves but also from their relatives who were still in the USSR.

Although these events took place years after the trip to Taskent, these groups' actions and attitude towards USSR still demonstate the type of attidude present before the travelers left to Tashkent. 


How did the U.S. government react?

The U.S. government hampered their efforts to travel to Tashkent through their hesitation to grant visas for this group. The government did have valid concerns, both for the travelers’ safety, and for the disruption their visit may cause for the ongoing Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty negotiations.