Important Contributors in Peace Activist Group

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       Aldon "Don" Bell

Worked several years at the University of Washington as a professor in history. He was also a dean of Continuing Education. During his time at this university, he also gained experience in business and even took part of anti-apartheid efforts in the 1970s.

He led a group of thirty-three individuals to Tashkent in 1983 to distribute letters that promoted amity and friendship between the countries with the Soviet Peace Committee in Moscow.

Husband of Betsy Bell and father to four daughters.

Betsy Bell

She was a member of the peace activist group that traveled to Tashkent.

She was a huge proponent in Target Seattle and taught classes and seminars at her local church.

She helped distribute letters and after the trip to Tashkent, she went to the Capitol Building to discuss the travelers’ recent peace achievements in Tashkent.


Important Contributors in Peace Activist Group