Influence & Impact


The Seattle Peace Chorus entire motive was based around peace. They spread their ideas of peace by their music and songs bringing in people from all across the world. Their influence and ideas spread to many people and it lead to many relationships built between the US and USSR. The intital contact with the Soviet Union led to many cultural exchnages between the Seattle Peace Chorus and the Soviet citizens. During their trip to the Soviet Union the group made relationships with citizens. With their intial contact in 1985 led to the Soviets inviting the group back in 1988 for the group to sing with Soviet choruses. During 1990, the peace chorus proposed to bring soviet chorus groups to the 1990 Goodwill Games as a non-currency exchange to futher people-to-people relationships. The trip to the Soviet Union impacted many people who had feared the war and gave a sense of relief to citizen's when the chorus toured through seven Soviet cities. 

This video showcases some events that occured while the Seattle Peace Chorus was in the Soviet Union.