Travel History

Travel History 

1985- Visit to the Soviet Union (Specifically cities such as: Moscow, Kalinin, Yaroslav, Alma Ata, Samarkand, Tashkent, and Leningrad)

1988- Visit to the Soviet Union, the chorus was invited to return to the Soviet Union and sing with Soviet choruses 

1992- Russia, Seattle Songbridge was formed to accompany the Vladimir Chamber Choir on a tour to small towns and villages in the heart of Russia. 

1995- Chile, The Seattle Peace chorus traveled to Chile and has an on going affinity for the Chilean people

1999- Cuba, group traveled to Cuba to sing in the International Choral Festival in Santiago de Cuba

2003- Cuba, group traveled to Cuba to participate in the Seventh International Choral Festival

2006- Richland, Washington, traveled to perform a join concert with the Shalom Choir of the Shalom United Church of Christ Choir

2007- Venezuela, visited Venezuela in the summer of 2007 to promote good will, learn about current efforts to further social welfare and economic justice 

2008- Minnesota, the groups message of peace through song needed to be heard in their own country

2013- Chile, two week citizen to citizen diplomacy trip to Chile and Argentina with the Global Exchange

2016- Cuba, the chorus arrived in Cuba during the mourning period for Fidel Castro